21. Protect yourself from the expense of fraud

Seller Help
  • Unfortunately there are bad people on the internet who will take advantage of any opportunity to steal from honest traders

  • With Stripe it is easy and inexpensive to protect against charge backs, and relieve the stress of dealing with disputes

  • The cost of charge backs can be crippling especially if you sell affordable items and are just starting out.
  • We recommend you consider the Stripe protection detailed below

Open your Stripe account 

Open your Stripe account and sign in dashboard.stripe.com




Open Stripe Chargeback Protection

Stripe offer great protection against fraud and charge backs, simple, cheap and easy to setup

A single back can be devastating, and is especially annoying if it is fraud. If you are hit with a charge back as the customer denies they received the goods, you lose your product, the cost of shipping, the money you received for the sale, and to make things worse you are charged a £15 fee by Stripe for handling the dispute.

You can avoid all of this except the loss of the product and shipping cost by taking out Stripe Chargeback Protection here: https://stripe.com/en-gb/radar/chargeback-protection

The cost is just 0.4% of each transaction, on a sale of £20 it would cost just 8p!



Stripe Chargeback Protection makes your life easier and removes the stress of disputes

Stop losing money on disputes

With Chargeback Protection, your sales are protected against fraudulent disputes, helping prevent losses. Whether or not the dispute is legitimate, we’ll reimburse the disputed amount and waive dispute fees.

Forget about evidence submission

Fighting a dispute can take hours of searching through records to find the right evidence. With Chargeback Protection, you won’t have to worry about managing fraudulent disputes or submitting evidence.