19. Assign your products to the correct category

Seller Help
  • It is in every shop owners interest to make their products as easy to find as possible. The easier a customer can get to your product the more you will sell.

  • It is easy to assign a category to your product when you create it, or you can do it later

  • Avoid the default “Other” category as it is hard to find, it is a default applied by the system if you do not choose anything else and does not appear on any menus.
  • There is a limit of three categories per product

Open your account Dashboard

Clicking on your My Account link at the top right opens the traders Dashboard. 

Open Store Manager from your Account Dashboard

Clicking on your account link at the top right opens the traders Dashboard. From the dashboard select Store Manager

Always add a relevant Category to your product, if you don’t it will be auto assigned to the black hole that is “Other”

Adding the category when you create your product is the easiest way, and it avoids your creation slipping into obscurity with a category of “Other”.

If you have chosen a good category your customers can easily find your product by using the menus to narrow down their search.

Always select the most appropriate category from the list in the right hand column.


Adding a product to a sub-category automatically includes it in all the categories above it.

You only need to select a sub category for your product to be automatically included in all the categories above it

  • Example to make this clear, if you are adding an adults T Shirt, 

    you can add it to the Tees/Tops/Shirts Category in

    Clothing / Adult Clothing /  Tees/Tops/Shirts

    This will include your T Shirt in Clothing, Adult Clothing and Tees/ Tops/Shirts automatically you do not need to check all three.

Three Category limit for any product

  • Categories are intended to make it easy for customers to find items they want to buy, this is essential for sellers too. To ensure that categories remain focused there is a limit of 3 categories for any product.

Add Tags to your products

  • Tags are used by the search system on the market and are much more specific to your product than the more general category, you can add as many tags as you like to make your product easier to find

Simple Names for your products

  • Name your products so that someone who has never seen them before will have a very clear idea of what it is, obscure or misleading names can cause your creation to be bypassed by visitors as they simply do not know what it is. The image here shows a product that is well named with a good description and picture, anyone seeing any part of that would know exactly what they are buying