20. Setup your shop for Social Media Sharing

Seller Help
  • To succeed with an online shop you must be visible on social media. 
  • Encouraging your visitors and loyal customers to share your link is a very good idea
  • Not all shared links are equal, you want it to look good and present your message and branding including your own banner
  • This is the simplest part of setting up your shop, if you have already setup your banner, title and description for your shop page, you can re-use them for SEO / Social Media
  • This short help guide shows how to do that and ensure your shares look the best they possibly can

Open your account Dashboard

Clicking on your My Account link at the top right opens the traders Dashboard. 

Open Store Manager from your Account Dashboard

Clicking on your account link at the top right opens the traders Dashboard. From the dashboard select Store Manager

Open the settings section of your Dashboard

Open the settings section to adjust your Social Media sharing options


Add your branding, banner, shop name and description

  • You need to add your branding to three sections to ensure that shares of your shop on as many social media sites as possible look good
  • If you have already setup your shop with a banner, title and description you can re-use them for SEO / Social Media
  • There are three sections, a general one, and specific Facebook and Twitter sections.
  • It is important to fill in all of these if possible, as you can never predict where your visitors will share your shop
  • Every sale is good, whether it comes from a share on Facebook, Twitter or another platform, so give yourself the best possible chance by making it as descriptive and as good looking as you can.
  • Very important, once you have added your text and banners, make sure you remember to save