06. Adding and Editing your Products

Seller Help

Adding and Editing Products

To add, update or remove a product use the products option on the Store Manager, this allows you to create simple, variable or grouped products.

Simple Products

Simple products are items without any options so only come in one style, colour, size etc..

Grouped Products

Group products are a collection of simple or variable products that are combined into a group product and sold as a single item.

Variable Products

Variable products, are items with options, such as size or colour etc.. A good example would be a T-Shirt that is available in a variety of colours and sizes. Details on how to create variable products.

Creating a Product

Choose the type of product you want to create and then simply enter the details, upload your images. Once you have created your product, then ensure you set your postage options, for details check the shipping help. Once you are happy with your product do not forget to submit to save your work.