02. Getting paid and your membership

Seller Help

Setup your Stripe account for Instant payment for sales

To give the shop owner instant payment on the sale of their items Veiled Market uses the respected payment provider Stripe. The sign up process will walk you through the steps below making it simple even if you do not have a Stripe account when you start.

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Before you try to connect to Stripe to setup payments, make sure you disable any ad blockers

If you are using an ad blocker it will prevent Stripe processing your application so disable the ad blocker temporarily.

Ensure you connect to Stripe to receive payments

The startup wizard takes you to this page, ensure you follow the simple steps to enable you to sell your items and receive payment.

Enter your email and phone number

Your Stripe account is linked to your email and phone for security. Unless you are a limited company check the individual/sole trader box.

Verify your identity using the code sent to your phone

To your security Stripe sends a verification code to the phone you entered in step 1, you enter this into the web form to proceed.

Enter your personal details

Your Stripe account needs to have details about account holder, so enter a few simple details such as name, address, date or birth, etc… Please not that for confidentiality none of these details are shared with Veiled Market.

Business Details

Stripe asks for some simple business details, so pick the industry closest to yours, such as Clothing and accessories. Veiled Market gives you your own business web site and home page, so your web site would be https://veiledmarket.com/shop/myshop, where “myshop” is the name of your business

Verify your details and link to your bank account

Verify all the details are correct and enter a bank account so Stripe can pay you when you sell anything.

Then click Done

Your payments are now set up.

Once you get to the screen below all your financial setup is complete and you are ready to receive money from your first sale !!

You will be paid directly from Stripe for your sales.

Now you have setup payments you will be paid directly from Stripe automatically instantly, so you will see the money in your Stripe account immediately. Please note that Stripe will deduct their fee from the amount and money can take up to 7 days to clear in your account. You can use the orders section of your dashboard to track where your payments are.

Your Veiled Market Subscription is complete

More good news, that one simple 5 minute session setting up Stripe not only setup your account so you get paid it also covers the low monthly subscription payments after the trial period is over.