04. What Can I Sell on Veiled Market

Seller Help

Items you can sell on Veiled Market

  • Items handmade by yourself
  • Items you have designed yourself
  • Craft supplies
  • Artwork created by yourself
  • Photographs you have taken
  • Books or Poems you have written yourself
  • Small specialist publishers of alternative authors.
  • Vintage or Collectibles that are over 20 years old
  • Items you have Up-cycled
  • Veiled Market currently only permits physical products
  • Emphasis on alternative items, but that is very subjective so if you think it is alternative it probably is

Basically if you made, designed, wrote, created, up-cycled the item, as long as it is not on the list of items not permitted it will be fine. 

Items NOT permitted on Veiled Market

  • Mass produced products 
  • Wholesale items bought to resell
  • Items you buy to resell, without up-cycling, except vintage items
  • Vintage items under 20 years old
  • Products that breach copyright, or trademarks
  • Items that make medical claims
  • Products that breach UK product legislation
  • Digital, virtual products, downloads or ebooks
  • Counterfeit products
  • Alcohol, Tobacco or Vaping products
  • Any item that is illegal to sell in the UK
  • Downloads, virtual products, or services

A common question is what happens if I accidentally upload a product that is not permitted on the market?
If an admin, customer or another vendor reports a product as wholesale or not permitted, or it is in breach of copyright, it will be removed from view and a message sent to you to explain, for a first offence there are no further implications. We understand you may not have fully understood the rules of the market. However, if this is repeated Veiled Market reserve the right to close your shop without notice for breach of our terms of service

Essential Reading for your new shop.

The help pages on the right will help you prepare for your new enterprise and assist you keeping your online store within regulations in the UK, and abroad and make it a success.