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WitchEver Oak

Hand-made one-of-a-kind beady goodness for necks and wrists of a witchy persuasion. You know how it goes – pretty things make me happy!

Some of you may remember me and WitchEver Oak from way back when I used to have a stall at CoA’s glorious Witchfest events. After a few years dedicated to making my one-of-a-kind jewellery (and making some great friends along the way) I had to put WitchEver Oak to one side in favour of a ‘proper’ job about eight years ago. However I have continued to dabble, I can’t ignore the pliers and beads, and the urge to carry on crafting is strong in this one. I still work full-time at the aforementioned proper job, but I have restarted WEO as I do not have enough necks or wrists to wear everything I continue to make! As ever, I am entranced by glossy beads and bedazzled by shiny things, and herewith offer the results for your perusal. 

WitchEver Oak is named after various trees from my childhood. I always found a “witchever oak” wherever I lived, it was my dreaming tree; I would sit under my chosen oak with a book, read for a while, dream for a while, and under those trees, I could be whichever person, in whichever situation, I wanted.

Just so you know… I do not take commissions on account of having the full-time proper job, hence I do not have time; I craft on an ‘as and when’ basis.

Please read my Store Policies and contact me if you have any queries. Email: [email protected]

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