Amazing limited period introductory offer for sellers

For a limited period the Veiled Market is offering an incredibly generous introductory offer to all new sellers who open a shop here.

  • The free trial when you start has been extended to 6 months to ensure you are able to get setup and start selling long before it costs you anything.
  • Anyone who gets the 6 month free trial also gets a special low rate that of only £5 a month locked in for at least 6 months. Effectively for a year the total will be only £30 for the first year.
  • Even after the 6 months are up, the monthly charge is the cheapest way of getting your products online. 
  • The offer is designed to help people who have traditionally sold in person at specialist markets to transition to selling online.
  • Veiled Market want to support the crafting community and give you a marketplace where you can sell your wares you can be proud of.