Limited Time Special Offer

For a limited period we are giving a 6 month free trial for your own online shop, this is a unique chance to setup a successful online business with nothing to pay upfront, no listing fees and no commission on sales. More details of why this is the place for your online shop below

So if you are a UK based creator of physical alternative products, click the Subscribe Now button to start your journey!

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A Shop Home Page

Your shop will have its own unique address on the internet, something like
where myshop is your business name.

This means you do not need another website unless you want to create one, saving money and time. Only your products are displayed on your homepage, it is your online shop window. This makes it easy for both new and repeat customers to come straight to you

Direct Payment for Sales

Many online marketplaces hold money for weeks before you get paid. The only deduction from your sale is the low Stripe processing charge. Your money is then transferred to your own Stripe account and should show within a few minutes.

Please note that it can take up to 7 days for Stripe to process your payment so you can withdraw the funds.

What Can I Sell On Veiled Market

Physical Items you made, items you designed, art you created, photos you took, books you wrote, items you have up-cycled, vintage or collectibles over 20 years old. Veiled Market is only for physical products you can touch, so currently no downloads, virtual products or services. The emphasis is on alternative items, as that is very subjective, if you think it is alternative it probably is. Wholesale items bought to resell are not permitted. See our help What Can I Sell on Veiled Market, if in doubt contact us.

UK Creatives Market

The Market is exclusively for UK based creatives in a wide range of different crafts. This makes it the ideal place to showcase the products our talented vendors produce. Although all our traders are UK based they can still sell products Worldwide 24/7, vastly expanding their sales potential.


Low Cost, Fast and Instant Approval

Setup in a few minutes with instant approval, no commission on sales, no listing fees and no limit on products. Apart from the Stripe credit card fees, the only cost is the low fixed monthly fee and even that is not applied until your free trial is over. 

Secure Payments System

Accept all major credit cards, with all transactions secured using SSL protocol, and payments handled by Stripe our payment provider with no card details held by Veiled Market.

Direct connection to your Customers

Each Veiled Market shop sells directly to their customers,  each sale is just between you and the customer, Veiled Market purely provides the platform to let you trade.

Easy to Manage Your Shop

Your Dashboard and Store Manager allow you to manage your products, process orders, check stock levels, and even automatically calculate shipping.

Your Own Branding

Upload your own logo and create your own banner for your shop page. If you have a physical shop, advertise its address and attract customers to visit you.

For more information about how to setup and manage your shop check our comprehensive help pages