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Veiled Market is the online market for UK based alternative artisans, enabling them to create amazing products and sell them to the customers who love them without paying huge fees. This is a market for anyone who loves alternative items, whether as a buyer or a trader with a wide range of specialist items that grows every day.

How it Works


Fill out a simple form and your shop is open immediately, no waiting for approval, no listing fees and you have a simple choice either: a low monthly fee with no commission, OR no monthly fee and 7.5% commission on sales.

Upload your products

Add products using the easy to use store owners dashboard, this allows you to set images, title, description, variations such as size or colour, shipping charges and more.

Sell and make money

To receive payment for your goods, register your Stripe account and you are ready to promote your new store. Buyers know they are supporting small businesses as Veiled Market has some of the lowest charges